How to build the most kickass content distribution strategy ever?

If content is king, content distribution is awareness of King’s being. The more people recognise with your content, the more it matters. Pen is mightier than sword. It’s true. But it won’t save lives if what it creates doesn’t see the light of the day. To all content creators, your job is not done until your voice has reached the one who needs to hear it. So, I am going to put down a few essential points on how to create an awesome content distribution strategy.

  1. Discover yourself. Which king are you? Just like there are 4 Kings in a deck of cards, I have identified 4 types of content
  • Inspirational content – content that reinforces or stimulates a point of view
  • Informative content – content that increases knowledge / awareness
  • Casual content – content that’s not to be taken too seriously
  • Experiential content – humorous/witty content that needs time and experience to be understood

    The types co-exist, at times, but we need to understand which category does our content fall into to strategise distribution. Although all platforms are for all kinds of audience, some platforms prefer different mood than others. Instagram is about being subtle and witty, website blogging is about being informative. You have got to identify the moods of your audience and messaging of your content.

2. Identify the Vazir (Queen in the game of chess): The King’s whisperer. No machine can ever replace the role of a human being. Building a plan and implementing it, are two extreme ends of the bridge and your success lies in connecting the two. There has to be accountability for each content piece that goes missing. You need a person/ a team which can track the missing steps and who can call it out in time. It could be you. But how accountable are you? That’s a question you need answer to.

3. Content distribution calendar – beauty lies in simplicity. I have seen people creating huge worksheets as part of editorial calendars. So complex that it takes more time to understand them than to actually create the content. Keep the editorial calendar as simple as possible.  It should not take someone hours to understand what day is today. Here is an example of how we keep it simple –undefined

4. Save all the time you can. If it’s taking too much time, there is a technological solution out there to help you. You just haven’t looked yet. We use Hootsuite to schedule our posts on different channels. Take a look –

There are a lot of options available out there. Find out the one that fits your strategy and pocket. Look for easy options, so that you can invest most of your time on creating content.


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