How can you create and publish 10+ different pieces of content every day?

This blog is created keeping the following social media platforms in mind – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog, Quora.

Are you a rabbit or a tortoise? Do you run fast and stop after a while? Or are you a tortoise who keeps a steady pace and doesn’t stop until the finish line.

Tell you what. Start from being a tortoise maybe and aim becoming a horse – fast and ambitious.

Quality impresses your audience, quantity aggregates them.

Going to keep it straight and simple. Repurpose content. That’s the key.

Use Notes / Sticky notes – Write something, anything. Smartphone and laptop – put together, we spend more than 24 hours on these systems.

Thought about something interesting? Met someone today, did a call that gave you some interesting aspect, your Mom shared some thought that seems like pure piece of wisdom, a Netflix series that shook you internally – you have access to ‘Notes’ on your phone and ‘Sticky Notes’ on your system – use them. Write it down.

You can easily pull some part of that content for at least one of the social media platforms. Put that piece of content over there. Takes like 5 minutes. (Min. Count 1)

Create Content: Pick and Perform – Choose 3 categories/genres that you enjoy working on. Create at least a 100-300 word content on one of those topics every day. Just write. (Min. Count 1)

Curate Content – Make it an everyday practice to follow a particular blog, a page or to read a few pages of a book. You will most certainly come across a quote or a thought worth sharing. To add richness, download an HD quality stock free image or use one of your own, and publish with thought/quote. (Min. Count 1)

Initiate a Trend / Learn with your audience- It could be something that you can engage yourself and your audience simultaneously with. For example, I have started a weekly activity on LinkedIn. We learn 3 new words/phrases each week.

Initiate something and you will have an idea that will run perpetually. Like writing poem? Write a poem daily. Be it 4 lines, but you have got to write it. (Min. Count 1)

Leverage a Trend – Be creative. Practice creativity. When you come across a trending meme, edit and customise with your thoughts. (Min. Count 1)

Total Count – Min. 5

You see there are 5 different ideas shared above. Even if you play with just 2-3 of these, any permutation or combination will easily give you 10 pieces of content. This will not take more than a couple of hours every day, no matter how difficult the topic is.

I have observed a behavioural trait in myself. If it resonates with you, do try it. It’s this –

As soon as any thought hits you, just write it down somewhere. The idea may live but the passion for the idea diminishes with time. Time and enthusiasm are inversely proportional. So, don’t procrastinate on that. You can refine it later. But note it down NOW. (Min. Count 1)

Tip: You can use Pixels, Unsplash, Pixabay, Flickr for stock free HD images.

Notes: Some pieces of this article are inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk’s blog post.


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