How do words and design help you with brand storytelling

Words and design are two inseparable elements of a story. Let me give you an example. The journey of traffic lights – The idea of electric traffic lights originated in 1912. In 1920, William Potts, a policeman from Detroit invented the four-way, three-color signal, leading to the invention of automatic traffic systems. While the design… Continue Reading →

How to do “inclusive” content marketing?

Back in 2010, our college had organised an AIDS Awareness Program. The chief guests were a couple diagnosed with AIDS who were running an AIDS awareness centre in the city. I remember they gave a speech on the basics of the syndrome that included the fact that it wasn’t contagious. That it was okay to… Continue Reading →

How to create unique and useful content for your brand

Recently, I had an epiphany while creating content for our Instagram page (21dtalkies). We have been doing it for almost a year now. We redefined our strategies myriad of times. We were confused. We wanted to share content that drives engagement, content that people could not miss, content that made them pause and think. Initially,… Continue Reading →


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