How can you make videos on ridiculously low budgets?

When was the last time you read a book?

When was the last time you read a blog/article/long Facebook post?

When was the last time you finished watching a movie or a series on Netflix?

When was the last time you watched a You Tube video?

I know, I know, your answer to the 2nd question is subject to manipulation, once you have read this one (pun intended).

But in general, if you review your pattern of content history, you will realise how videos are far more engaging and compelling to all of us. I mean sure, books are irreplaceable, but videos make things real – like eating a double chocolate fudge ice cream than dreaming of one.

As usual, I read a lot of blogs before writing this article, in order to avoid redundancy. There is already a lot out there. So, I can going to keep it short and useful (hopefully) for you.

The mean cost of creating a professional video of about a minute of length is somewhere around $1,000. The interesting part is that cost is in no way an impediment to video marketing.

First of all, we need to understand, that ‘the most important’ factor that goes on creating a great video is not money, but content. So often, we get involved in the logistics, that content takes a back-step. So, before you invest a single penny on your video, invest yourself into developing useful content. Write.

Do you think Star Trek was created with a high-profile camera? It all began with a pen and a paper, my friend (or a laptop with a functional keyboard). I reiterate, focus on content first. Otherwise, any investment in any camera or editing tool is worthless. Start writing your script now.

Now that you have your content strategy in place, you know what kind of video you wish to create. A live video, a 2G/3G animation video, an explainer video, a doodle video or something else. For most of the video types, you don’t need to go too far.

  • Pick up your phone or switch on your laptop, shoot a video using good lighting and a good microphone.
  • Need a cast – look around. There are so many interesting characters around you, waiting to be featured on camera for free.
  • Use iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, to create and edit a video.
  • Use free online platforms like Canva. I have created a lot of videos using this tool, just with photos, subtitles and free music. And it’s for free. Not to mention classy and resourceful.
  • Simplest ever tool – Microsoft PowerPoint – This doesn’t even require internet. Just when you are done, export it into video format while saving.
  • There are various online tools/applications that give free/affordable access to create and edit videos, like Animaker, PowToon, Filmora, Biteable, Doodly, Moovly and many many others. Give some time to explore which platform you find interesting and easy to use (If you need some help, drop me a comment).
  • Do remember to publish your videos on social media channels including and especially, YouTube. The user base stats here are crazy.  
  • If you have any extra money at your disposal, invest it on advertisements.

With all these points said, I do understand the unwillingness to do all of it altogether by yourself. Writing the content is one thing, but taking care of each of the steps makes the task mundane.

Creating a video is a time intensive activity and to be able to create regular videos, one must come up with a sustainable solution. I would always prefer hiring an intern or a resource dedicated for this job. Some people hire on freelancer platforms like Fiverr/Upwork, but for tasks like these, I prefer hiring an in-house full-time employee.

That’s a mandatory and a sensible investment for video marketing. You can initially begin by doing it yourself, but think of the opportunity costs!

Spread the costs and effort. Creativity needs time and space. Like I said in the beginning, content is the king. Make sure you don’t compromise on that, in an attempt to do it all by yourself.

Great marketers know where to save money and where to invest.


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