When it comes to content, the only call to action that you should care about.

Let’s think like a user.

The most common engagement points across media channels are – Like, Comment, Share, Message.

Every action point reflects a particular behaviour –

Like – A reflex action. Truth be told, from a friend’s anniversary post to a brand’s inspiring quotation, we ‘like’ everything that catches our attention even a slightly bit. There are far less reasons to not like something than to like. If it holds my sight for a couple of seconds, it’s likable. Involves least effort from the users. It means they like your content just enough to publicly display their appreciation. But that’s that.

CommentEmotions stimulated. The content stirs up strong emotions in you. May be your eyes twinkle, may be your nostrils get all flared up, or may be it just hits your humour chord. Angry, Happy. Excited, Inspired, Sad, Depressed. When you comment on a piece of content, in all probability you feel a particular emotion very strongly. You share your views or you mention people you relate with the post.

‘Share’ or ‘Save’An actionable action. Content that touched upon some deep-rooted belief or emotion in you. It makes you feel about it as if it’s your own, as if it is something that needs your time and action. You save because you don’t want to lose access to it anytime soon. You share because you feel invested in it.

When someone else invests so deeply in your content, you know as a writer you have been successful. You know it has been useful to that one person, at the very least. And all it takes is to make a difference to that one person who can pass it on. Quite literally.

Here are a few screenshots of content pieces I recently shared with my friends –


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