As an entrepreneur, what is the first thing I do every day that keeps me grounded

Everyday we (my partner and I) make new plans to expand our business, think of new strategies and services to add to our service lines, discuss new ideas to implement. There are days when we feel extremely proud of ourselves, as if no one ever came up with the ideas that we did. Then there are days that we prove it true too.

But convictions in our ideas sometimes prevent us from recognising the red flags. Sometimes, we are so saturated and exhausted by just ideating that implementation takes a back seat.

So, as an entrepreneur the first thing I do every day that keeps me grounded, is taste the market.

The question being asked here is an easy one. I go to our Instagram page (21DTalkies) first thing in the morning. We have added Insta profiles of some really great brands including Mad Over Marketing (M.O.M.), glossier, thegoodquote, marketingbirds, marketonic, iconeo – an assortment of creative and insightful profiles.

It’s important to feel the beats of such creative, innovative and immersive market players. The dedication sparks urgency inside me, their hard work and discipline keeps me on toes. Their thought process inspires me.

The art, the love, the presentation, the interpretation and the aggregation of ideas and thoughts – it’s just beautiful and a blessing to have free access to.

Having a look at what others have to offer in terms of talent and expertise keeps us going, keeps us inspired to think more and act better. It prevents us being complacent and idle.

Like they say, “Keep your friends close and your enemies your competition closer.


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