How do words and design help you with brand storytelling

Words and design are two inseparable elements of a story. Let me give you an example. The journey of traffic lights - The idea of electric traffic lights originated in 1912. In 1920, William Potts, a policeman from Detroit invented the four-way, three-color signal, leading to the invention of automatic traffic systems. While the design... Continue Reading →

How can I create content that is unique and useful?

The sky is black. That’s what science says and that’s public knowledge. But wat color do you see when you look up beyond the stars? Blue? Pink? Green? Black? Orange? Now that’s perspective. Your perspectives and your experiences make your story unique. So, as far as uniqueness of your content goes, analyse the subject or... Continue Reading →

It gets tougher before it gets better

My grandmother was a very simple and an extremely hard-working person. Back then, women were not allowed to go out of their homes without permission of an elderly male member of the family. There were many conditions attached to this permission, with a lot of why’s and where’s. This system still prevails in a lot... Continue Reading →


A story from a long time back A girl, a tortoise, a train and a bag. She lived in the train, tortoise was her family The bag was a secret, she cared for dearly. Many came looking for her, but she was never found A mystery herself, living in a train, well it was never... Continue Reading →

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