And yet again, she said, “everything is good” …

It was a beautiful summer morning of 1955. Sarojini was born in a small village named Khalisa, in Azamgarh. She was wise since she was little and would conquer the world with her smile. She had a curious mind that wanted to know everything. It was not a practice to send girls to school in... Continue Reading →

What have I learnt so far from ‘Orange is the new Black’?

I began watching this series (Orange is the new Black) a couple of weeks ago and am now on the 3rd season. Before I move on with further episodes, there are a few thoughts that I wish to put together for you and for my future self. The story of this show revolves around a... Continue Reading →

Religion ‘and’ God or Religion ‘or’ God

Life is beautiful. God is powerful. Religion is wonderful. Then why is it that religion always comes in the way of humanity and makes lives miserable. Do you think Jesus, Allah and Ram, WaheGuru- they would treat people differently if they belonged to different religions; they would protect people basis their religion and harass the... Continue Reading →

Thank God, life is complex

It takes 2-5 weeks for a caterpillar to turn into a beautiful butterfly. It takes about 150 days for an eagle to take rebirth and be able to enjoy another tenor of life. Life is complex, some lives more than others. Remember the first piece of writing of yours that everyone loved? Remember the first... Continue Reading →

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