5 ways to survive the COVID19 recession

No doubt this pandemic is hitting us pretty bad. The economy was already moving slow and this whole catastrophe has made it worse. I know it’s bad and I am not even trying to sugar-coat it. Because that’s not going to help. It’s like depression; unless you talk straight about your feelings, no one can... Continue Reading →

What has work from home taught me, that working at office did not

When joining an organisation, we all looked for the ‘work from home’ clause in the contract/policy document. As this culture was still making this place in the environment and in the minds of decision-makers, people considered it as an indicator of a fancy or a modern workplace. But now that it has got real for... Continue Reading →

If Only…

If only I had turned off the main switch a little sooner, if only I avoided eating those chocolate chip ice creams in the middle of desperate nights, if only I had broken up before it got too late, if only we all listened to Mr. Bill Gates when he warned us of a pandemic... Continue Reading →

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