The purpose of our lives is to be happy- Dalai Lama

‘Once, just once you become a successful business tycoon, your life will be set’; ‘if you study hard enough and get into a reputed college, you will not have to worry for the future’; ‘once you are settled with an able spouse and children, as per the social norms, you will have achieved everything’. These... Continue Reading →

Showing up and showing up

Nishant was scared. He had never talked to his father like that before. But he really wanted to pursue fashion designing course. It was something he just couldn’t live without. Every-time someone wore non-matching clothes, it horrified him, no kidding! He knew it was his calling. But unfortunately, fashion was not a ‘Man’ thing for... Continue Reading →

Is success a straight line?

I don’t know, but I hope to come to a conclusion by the end of this article. Let me start by putting together the standalone meanings of ‘Success’ and ‘Line’. A line is a one-dimensional figure that extends infinitely in both directions. As for success, Oxford dictionary definition of it goes like this: The attainment... Continue Reading →


From the very beginning her fate they drewBut her dreams could fly who knew You are someone’s responsibility, she was always toldBut she got other plans, she is smart, she is funny, she got all gold She fought every man, every woman, every thought that resisted her pathShe is fierce, she is ambitious, she can... Continue Reading →

If Only…

If only I had turned off the main switch a little sooner, if only I avoided eating those chocolate chip ice creams in the middle of desperate nights, if only I had broken up before it got too late, if only we all listened to Mr. Bill Gates when he warned us of a pandemic... Continue Reading →


In the unlikely event of an emergency, my mind wanders. In those heavy moments, where you can feel the rhythm of your heartbeat, I feel light. There is so much to life and yet it’s so meaningless as if we are all inanimate structures of a large establishment that no one cares about. We plan... Continue Reading →


A story from a long time back A girl, a tortoise, a train and a bag. She lived in the train, tortoise was her family The bag was a secret, she cared for dearly. Many came looking for her, but she was never found A mystery herself, living in a train, well it was never... Continue Reading →

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