How to do “inclusive” content marketing?

Back in 2010, our college had organised an AIDS Awareness Program. The chief guests were a couple diagnosed with AIDS who were running an AIDS awareness centre in the city. I remember they gave a speech on the basics of the syndrome that included the fact that it wasn’t contagious. That it was okay to... Continue Reading →

Lessons in communication from Simon Sinek that would help leaders

Communication is a two-way street. Even when you are speaking at a podium, you need to communicate, that is to say you need to involve everyone you are talking to. It doesn’t mean that everyone should talk while you are at podium, it means you are able to reach them and make an impact that... Continue Reading →

Smart Conversations: Key to a smarter world

Scene 1 - “I don’t like Mr. X.” “How can you say so? Do you even know anything about him?” “Well, for starters, he is not a great personality to know much about.” “Well, it’s really naïve of you. You should get your facts right.” “Like you know anything at all.” “Sure, I do” “Whatever”... Continue Reading →

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