An encounter with life and death

so beautiful.

That smile
so beautiful.

Those eyes,
they look towards the ocean, towards us
they take so much in; they say so much out.

so mundane
cold and tight
so dark.

In the beginning of a death,
it’s not the life so much,
it’s the moment before death, that we keep playing in our heads
Why did it happen, how did it happen, who let it happen?

Then, there are stories, there are moments, that come back to us again and again
pushing us to smile as our eyes fight hard against it.

Then after a while, at some point, without us noticing, it stops mattering.
The life it once was, stops mattering.
It’s gone for everyone
no-one grieves anymore
no-one regrets, it just happened, it was meant to.

We don’t choose life
We don’t choose death
Both come to us
But we make choices in between
and with every choice, we lead towards a possible beginning and an inevitable end.

Sometimes I wonder if death has a life
and all it awaits is its time
and if it feels bad that everyone mourns its arrival.

Life bears so many characters
So many lies, so many truths, so many perspectives
But death ain’t got any.

Sometimes I wonder if the reason we are alive is death
and that after it’s done, our purpose is served.

And if that’s the case, then why do we fear so much
why do we deny our courage,
why do we overestimate someone else’s power and underestimate our truth?

Death is for once.
Life is forever.
It’s still beautiful.


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