Content Curation is an Art

I can’t think of a better example than The Trevor Noah Show or The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, for this topic. Or may-be I can, but I really think these shows get to the point real nice. These are talk shows that divide their content strategy into 2 parts –

A. They invite celebrities and engage with them in humorous, witty conversations

B. Then there is another section to the show, where they pick up a few national / global headlines or trending topics and they present to the audience in their own style

The former is about creating new content – getting to know the celebrity in the way no one else has before. The latter is a classic example of content curation, also one of the most effective ones. So says the TRP. Here is where they make real statements.

Content curation is about engaging in content and generating conversations around stories or topics that already exist. The art of content curation is about doing it so well that it impresses the audience as much as, if not more, as the original content.

So, how do we go about it –

  • Keep up with trends. Follow personalities, blogs, shows, brands, news forums that keep you updated with relevant content. That way, you make sure you are leading the content curators’ queue
  • Pick content that stimulates you. When you come across a piece that strikes a chord with you, take some time to sift and analyse it. Think. Discuss. The goal is to use the content to highlight / reinforce a point you believe in.

So, even though it’s not your content, your perspective to it makes your audience know you better.  And content marketing is all about showing your brand personality to your audience.

This helps building a stronger brand identity by inspiring more engagement, as content curation, by nature, involves more people than yourself.

A research by ConvinceandConvert says, “When looking at clicks, curation clearly dominates. Posts linking to third-party sites generate 33% more clicks than posts linking to owned sites”.

While nothing can replace content creation, content curation is a refresher to your audience.

It lets them see you/your brand as a person, as a human being; not some narcissistic profile run by ghosts.

When you are sharing someone else’s content, make sure to mention the source. Content curation is anything but plagiarism.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this one.


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