Before you publish any content, always ask, what conversation will this start?

In ‘I’ve never been (Un)happier’, Shaheen Bhatt talks about her personal experience and ongoing struggles with depression and anxiety. The book started a series of conversations on mental illness in many parts of the country. Even though credit to immediate recognition of the book could be given to the author’s elite stature, it’s worth what it stands for.

When I read ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama, it inspired the exact chords in me as it was meant to. A lot of my references about being courageous and being always on your own side, are derived from this book.

I follow Mad Over Marketing on Insta quite religiously and it always keeps up to my expectations. All their posts showcase prudent examples of creativity in marketing.

I always appreciated vulnerability in a person. But Brene Brown’s Ted Talk made me consciously encourage it in myself and in others.

My business partner and I keep sharing Ankur Warikoo’s LinkedIn posts on leadership.

On 21DTalkies, our Insta page, we intend to create and share posts that stimulate a user’s deep interests in content marketing.

All the above references only to make the following point –

Every piece of content, video, audio, book, memoir, infographic, blog – anything that you create, needs to have a purpose. Purposeless content is sometimes worse than no content.

It’s true that consistency is far more important than perfection. With that said, there has to be a direction towards which the content is moving.

Before you create content, create content strategy. The mission of the content – the navigator that keeps you on the right track.

Be it your LinkedIn post or your Facebook Story or Instagram DM, make sure there is a linear connect in your intent and the impact you wish to create.

What do you want your user to think and to talk about, when she reads/watches/listens to your content?

You need to be much more careful with your choice of words when you write about sensitive topics, e.g. gay marriage, sex change operation, racism, religion and politics.

Think about intent and impact always. You will not be everywhere to explain and rationalise what you have published. The best you can do is be honest with your perceptions.

Remember content is everywhere – your WhatsApp DP, your Insta bio, your Facebook Page description, your LinkedIn headline and Summary, the comments that you make on others’ posts. Everything tells a story about you. Make sure they are not disjointed.

For example, my Insta description and LI headline, both talk about content and stories.

No need to overthink in the beginning, but with every piece of your content, you put a piece of yourself. Make sure it represents you and makes you proud. It’s not about perfection, it’s about expression.

Think about the last 3 pieces of content that impacted you deeply. List down 3 reasons for each of them.

Also, always remember to ‘plan’ and ‘proofread’ before you ‘publish’.

Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.


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