How can I create content that is unique and useful?

The sky is black. That’s what science says and that’s public knowledge.

But wat color do you see when you look up beyond the stars? Blue? Pink? Green? Black? Orange? Now that’s perspective.

Your perspectives and your experiences make your story unique.

So, as far as uniqueness of your content goes, analyse the subject or the topic from your perspective. Is there any element or story of your life that you associate with the context? Is there any backstory? What’s the flavour?

You are unique. Become aware of your personality. Bring it to your content.

However, everything that’s unique, is not necessarily useful. So make sure to collate your facts with respect to the objective of the content.

No matter what color you see, you must know that actual scientific color of the sky is black and it will add value if you know why mostly it seems blue.

No matter what color it actually is, you must not let go of your imagination and your experiences with and of truth.

Keep working on building self awareness and world awareness – and you can bring life to any piece of writing.

Hope it helps.


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