How can you put heart and soul into cold emailing

Cold Emailing – “A cold email is an unsolicited e-mail that is sent to a receiver without prior contact.” – Wikipedia.

By any definition of cold emailing, the premise holds that the sender doesn’t have any existing connection with the receiver. Nada. The sender doesn’t know the receiver and the receiver doesn’t know the sender. There is only a virtual link between the two, awaiting to be made real.

Now it’s smart to strategize and ambitious to plan plenty of cold emails over a day, but the charm fades away as it becomes a mandatory part of planning and operations and the response rate doesn’t seem to pick up. All of us look forward to doing something new every day, and when any task as mundane as writing and sending cold emails seems to get to no tangible outcome, it gets to us; it takes away the interest to innovate, over time.

However, we all know that cold emailing is one of the most convenient, professional and interesting ways to reach to our target audience. It’s like starting a relationship thread with no strings attached; that gives the receiver a sense of comfort.

Most of the times, we start sending out sending such emails, but we get lost on the track somewhere and we stop. So, what do we do to make this personalised marketing activity an efficient and interesting one, from ordinary to original.

I am going to try the following ideas for the next 21 Days and will let you know how it goes –

  1. The fact that both parties don’t know each other takes off the burden of making an undeniable impression. Remember the first time you went to give an interview? The more we seek to impress, the more we stress. This format of getting someone to know you lets you express what you want to.

    So, I am going to customise messages and weave the experiences and solutions into a story, express the intent of my company. I am going to consider the email as a person I can’t see, but who can hear me and pour my heart out in the most genuine way possible. Even if I don’t get any reply, with every email I will get to know more about my company and my industry. Something new with every email. So, not a mundane job anymore, what do you think?
  2. I am going to decrease the quantity and focus more on quality. With every email, there is an attached hope and expectation. This mail can actually get read. No email can be taken for granted. So, I am going to be more focused on increasing effectiveness than focusing on efficiency, that I am sure will be a by-product with the consistency of this exercise.
  3. I am going to fix a time window for this activity, every day. Like any new relationship, we need to give it time. So, for example, 8 a.m. to 9 a.m., dedicated only to this activity. And that’s that. My discipline towards this may ultimately lead to enhanced love. I don’t know for sure. Let’s see.

    Will get back to you on this in 21 days from now. Wish me luck!


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