Why is Instagram the best place to launch your writing start up

I should tell you that Instagram has over 1 billion active users, out of which nearly 63% comprises daily active users. But you already know that.

I should tell you that Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms with highest engagement rate amongst its peers. But you probably already know that too!

All I want to say with this post is that there is no particular reason you should not be on Instagram with writing being your strength and your offering.

It’s simple – Be where your audience is.

Instagram is one platform that optimises and leverages use of hashtags, for example, if you follow #bookstagram, you will find many like-minded people and as many relevant posts. And that’s just one hashtag.

Facebook and Twitter are both essential platforms, but the most engaging is Instagram, which makes it the most lucrative one. Your audience spends a lot of time here, if it can’t find you, that’s on you.

So, get started. Find your clique.

  • Create a business Instagram account
  • Follow people and hashtags that relate to your work and whose work you relate to
  • Regularly post useful content, give your audience no reason to not follow you back. Be consistent and relevant
  • Engage with your peers and your audience. Social media platforms are about giving. Don’t sell your product, show it. Talk to people, identify their problems and help them solve them
  • Get inspired but be original. Take ideas, listen to others’ opinion, but do not shy away from experimenting. Instagram is an evolving platform, no one knows for sure what will work and what will not. It’s only experiences. You can create an experience of your own
  • Be genuine. Instagram is more of a personal platform; people like to know you more than your business. Be genuine with them. Tell them your stories.

Last but not least, do not depend on others for ideas, it will only blur your originality. Think about your story and you will be good. When it comes to design – experiment, but do make sure your audience is able to see what you wish to convey.

It’s a long journey. Get started!


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