Are you feeling stuck in your business? Try this.

Running a business is like running on a track, only a way longer one. When you start, you are excited and optimistic, every struggle seems like a treat. Then, there is a point when you feel out of breath and you don’t know how to pace it up, because even keeping the balance seems tough.

There is this deafening sound of siren that plays in your head, on loop. This sound of numbness makes you feel like you are stuck hopelessly and the next step you take will guarantee your fall.

Ever happened to you? Happens to me quite often.

The points that I have put here have helped me feel unstuck. Take a look –

  1. Think of the worst. My mathematics professor always used to say, “Do not fear a test. Do not escape a test. The worst you can get is a zero. And that’s never bad.” That’s the best piece of wisdom I have ever experienced. So, when you feel stuck in the mesh of troubles, when there doesn’t seem to be any opportunity to grow your business, when the whole world seems to be conspiring against you, take a pause, have a sip of water, weigh your options and think of the worst. You will know what do to next!
  2. Talk to your people and your books. Our biggest strength is our ability to converse and connect. Whenever I feel stuck with respect to business, I talk to my business partner (the best of the lot, touch-wood!). We make it a point to talk about our fears, our competition, our strengths and not so strengths, every other week. These conversations help us feel untangled. We give time to hear other person’s thoughts. We make notes. These conversations are like a helping hand in the middle of a swamp.

    Reading is the best way out of a block that’s hampering your way. Reading gives way to knowing and knowing broadens our minds. Read a book, an article, a newspaper, a poem on Instagram, LinkedIn posts or just cartoon strips in a magazine. Reading will take you out of the web and put you somewhere else for time being, give you newer perspectives. When your are ready, come back to fight again.
  3. Get stuck. Last but not least, be comfortable in getting stuck. If you don’t get stuck, that means you are not running. If you are not running, you don’t get stuck. As simple as that! Getting stuck gives you time to breathe. It gives you time to revitalize yourself, to re-establish culture, to re-evaluate and create new strategies. Sometimes, maybe you are not marketing or advertising enough, or you are not hiring right, or you are not thinking of enough creative ideas. If you keep running at the same pace, you will never be able to explore your truest potential. So, don’t mind getting stuck, in fact practice it every once in a while.

The only way you can get unstuck is by getting stuck.

Otherwise, what’s the point!


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