History repeats itself. So how long should we hold on to it?

Every time Anaya would broach the subject of her interest in dancing, her family would gaze at her with disappointment and concern. This wasn’t a new predicament. Payal, Anaya’s mother, was a dancer herself and had run away to city for the love of it, after giving birth to her. Payal had never looked back since.

Anaya’s father, Dev, was worried that if ever she got into dancing, she would turn out just like her mother. History, at times, is painful. It stops us from moving forward. No matter how far we come, it brings us back to where it began.

Payal became a dancing diva, 4 years after she left her home, her family, her Dev, her Anaya. She remarried and had 2 sons with her second husband. She missed them sometimes, her old family, but she knew what her decision would lead her to. It was a conscious choice. Her love for dancing was more than any other love.

Dev never got married after Payal left him. She was his first and only love. After she left, Anaya was his life and for nothing in the world he would let her leave his side.

What he didn’t realise was that the more he tried to hold Anaya back, the more her desires and her passion pushed her forward. Just like Newton’s third law.

Knowing history is good, it strengthens us to face unforeseen circumstances. But holding on to it for more than required, pauses our stories and never lets us create a new ending.

The stories may be similar, but the characters are new. The beginning may be the same, but the ending may be different.

With all the information of the past, we can only prepare ourselves for future, but we cannot stop the future and we shouldn’t attempt to.

Life doesn’t come with a time machine for a reason. History cannot be changed and future cannot take the blame.

Payal is a new soul, she has a conscience of her own. Comparing her and her goals with someone else or anyone else, would be demeaning her soul.

If anything we should hold on to, it is love. True love liberates us, like dance did to Anaya. Dev knew it in his heart.

It’s only a matter of time until one of them, Dev and Anaya, makes a decision, that will either create a new history or rewind an old story.


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