3 growth marketing hacks to get your first $100

TBH, I read a lot of other blogs before starting to writing on this topic. I wanted to know what all options are already out there and how I can bring something new to the table.

Like with every other Google Search I got a googol of results, but nothing exactly what I was looking for. There were articles which discussed technology hacks that one can make use of to reach their audience better and faster. Then there were others which discussed how their blog helped them earn thousands of dollars a day.

The point that I gathered from all the blog threads I visited (which was quite a substantial number) is that there is no “hack” for immediate business growth.

Those who tell you that you can earn thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars on your blog, spent a good amount of time creating useful content and building network before they started earning through affiliate or sponsored marketing or display ads.

All technology hacks come with caution. You need to be really mindful of how you are using web extensions when accessing sponsored links, or you can end up getting your credible accounts blocked.

There is no shortcut to being consistent, as implied by the term itself. So, the three hacks that you could make use of, to earn your first $100 and more subsequently are –

  1. Be present and consistent – What you build today will serve you tomorrow
  2. Be up-to-date with your industry and domain – Follow the blogs that give you well-researched and up-to-date information about the market that you operate in
  3. Be Innovative – Keep thinking – What more? How else? Think like a user and think about making a user’s life simple

Now, about the growth marketing hacks – like I said there are no hacks but there are some awesome and essential strategies that you can follow to ensure that when you build or create something, money finds its ways to follow you –

  1. SEO is a must. Not leveraging SEO for your brand is like keeping your products and services inside a black box that no one can see or find easily. You need to open the box and spread the items. So, build landing pages for your brand and make sure you follow SEO strategies as much as possible to make it seen by the relevant audience.
  2. If you have content and follower presence online but you still don’t have Google Adsense account, you are letting go of earning opportunities. It’s like having a mansion with no entry door or like that Government policy where they offer you monetary support but you still don’t have a bank account. Create the Google Adsense account today.
  3. There is still no replacement of ‘Word of Mouth’. Even if you have 2 customers so far, empower them with content or stories or quality of service, that compels them to mention or tell your story somewhere in their circle. Set up contests/Q&A sessions with them. Do this and your first hundred dollars are not too far away.

How soon and how much you are able to monetise your business also depends on the industry you are working in, but content is one of the primary and ‘can’t be ignored’ ways to achieving sustainable growth.

All the best!

Also, would love to hear your suggestions and ideas.

P.S. – TBH is for ‘To Be Honest’


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