Mentoring by less experienced people – Better or Worse?

I was watching this Instagram video of a celebrity who is a father to two very cute little girls. In the video he was showing one of his daughters a video of him raising a hand on his wife, that was a part of an act meant as a prank.

The little kid didn’t understand the humour and evidently got furious with her father for harassing her mother. Her disappointment was conspicuous throughout the video. She kept asking him the reason he did it, why he raised a hand on her mother and pestered him to apologize to his wife (her mother).

This is a very innocent example of how less experienced minds are able to see and perceive situations from an entirely different perspective and trigger our thought process in ways that we aren’t even aware of.

Curiosity is a virtue that is responsible for everything from extinction to evolution. The less a curious mind knows, the more it wants to know and less experienced minds are the most curious. They don’t always have all the answers but they put questions that no one else has raised before.

Different perspectives are the greatest asset of an artist and her art.

As someone who wishes and tries to create something new, to find new solutions to old problems and to identify obscure and abstruse problems, I love getting access to varied and diversified standpoints.

A more experienced mentor will tell you what worked and what didn’t work ‘for her/him’. While the stories will add depth and value to your understanding, they would always refer to a particular person and situation. There is a fair chance that following the same path would stop you from creating your own.

A person as experienced as you will share your problems.

Someone who knows less about life or business that you, will be able to bring in newer, contextual and contemporary frames of reference to situations at hand. Their innocence and curiosity are their strengths.

To sum it up, I would say,

When you believe you know, your knowing ends.
When you think you don’t know, your knowing begins…

Less is more than most.


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