Why is post corona the best time for D2C marketing?

Corona times that we are living in today have changed the once considered eternal way of living. The work from home setting that many were conservative towards, is no longer an option now; the online grocery shopping that many generations were not receptive to, is now the need and order of the day.

With this context I am leading towards the following two points –

  1. There is going to be conspicuous change in post-corona world. The change has already begun and while I believe the corona virus phase is transient, the changes in the lifestyle practices it has engendered, seem quite sustainable
  2. The digital revolution that hit us a few years ago is here to pervade throughout the society and the traditionalists have no other option than to accept it and move along

Now, without digressing any more from the topic, let’s understand what is D2C marketing. As you might have guessed by now, it refers to– Direct to Consumer marketing, that means reaching your customers directly, no distributors, no retailers, no intermediaries in between whatsoever. So, what happens when there is just you and your customer interacting –

  • Control. You have far more control on your product distribution, reach and price strategies
  • Communication. You are just a message of call or email away from your customer and vice versa. The real-time accessibility of customer feedback and insights helps you build on quality and empower your brand for the world. Building relationships is much more convenient than in any other traditional model

Though there are many pros to this model, it’s obvious it comes with its own cons – one needs to be extremely prepared operationally and financially to serve customers without the expertise of any third party. Having said that, pros outweigh cons, if you have vision, patience and persistence.

The post coronal world is the most ideal landscape for D2C. Why?

  • While so far millennial were considered to be the topmost beneficiary of D2C enterprises, all other generations including Gen X are now more receptive and ready for the leap than ever before
  • Any change involves two parties – the one who bring it and the one who carry it forward. The D2C pioneers like Warby Parker have led the way long ago for other fellow marketers, yet skepticism has prevailed over a lot of agencies with the questions revolving around Why? How? How sustainable? How efficient? How productive? This has led to a lot of entrepreneurs and organisations coming forward with solutions that make it easy to understand, advertise and sell on digital platforms
  • Ironically, corona times have made us connect with more people on a daily basis than ever before. Everyone has evolved to a considerable extent when it comes to leveraging online networking opportunities. Our organic reach is building and increasing by the day and all we got to do is create something that the society of today and tomorrow needs

D2C is not new to the world but it has capacity to bring useful and unique innovative solutions to the post corona world. It’s the ideal time to get on with it.


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