Your heart knows when you are settling for less

You are the relationships you came out of. You are the secret you didn’t disclose.

You are the choices you had but you didn’t make. You are the roads you didn’t take.

You are what you let go.

It’s hard, it’s painful, it’s hurtful and it’s exhausting to let go of something or someone who you had given your heart to. But your heart knew it deserved more.

The times when you thought you were heart was in pieces, it knew it was stronger that you imagined.

The times you tried to get back to the choice you gave up once, because you thought it was the best you could have, your heart knew better.

I believe our heart is the most underestimated part of our body. We are so busy in protecting it that we end up losing our mind, our soul.

Your heart is the strongest part of you. Don’t let it down. Because it always knows when you are settling for less.

The biggest fight is the one that we have with our heart.

The times you didn’t fight enough for the college you wanted to join, the times you continued with the relationship because you were scared to have your heart fall apart, the times you didn’t fight enough for the cause you believed in because you thought no one cares, the times you didn’t write enough because you thought you were not good, you underestimated your heart, you underestimated yourself.

Your heart always tells you what you don’t know about yourself, it tells you what’s better for you, if only you gather the courage to listen to it.

Your heart is the most courageous. When you are at crossroads, just lie down and listen to your heart beats, it will tell you if you are settling for anything less than you deserve and anything less than you are.


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