Dare to dream. Dare to fail. Dare to fly.

The other evening, as I perched myself on the quaint wooden table on the terrace of my home and as the evening grew darker, I couldn’t help but think about life and purpose and dreams and goals. Quite cliché, I know, yet classic!

Our time in the world is limited, then what are we really pursuing, and most importantly why? How can we make goals for something that has an absolute end to it? All these questions hovered over all my thoughts and beliefs until I got mentally exhausted about the topic.

Then my self-capable thoughts evolved and shifted towards an alternate aspect of the same topic. What happens when someone has no dreams or no specific goals/purpose. I put myself in the shoes and the soul of such a person and began visualising world from her eyes. Truth be told, I began trembling with fear after a few minutes. It completely messed my mind. The thought took away my soul for those minutes. Put simply, I was terrified. I felt soulless.

If you stop yourself from dreaming, you stop living – as simple as that. I knew it in those moments. I fear doing that again. I fear feeling soulless again.

I remember someone asked me once – How high can you fly? And my immediate response was to double my height. I thought that was a pretty daring aim.

But what I missed in the process was that I was limiting my own aspirations, my own dreams.

I can fly beyond sky and no one can tell me otherwise. I am responsible for my own dreams and no one else.

Don’t tell someone to become like someone, even (especially) when that someone is you (yourself) – when you do that, you limit their dreams. No one deserves that. You be You. Your dreams can be as bizarre as you can dream of.

The most intrepid dreams are those which do not follow goals, they make goals follow them.

To dream is to live. And I figured sitting on that wooden table on the terrace of my home, as long as I live, why should I think of death or anything that stops my life. That’s not for me to worry about.

I am here to live. So, I dream and I live. Keep dreaming. Keep going.


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