No time management can cure a blurry focus

It’s been three and a half hours that Nick has been longingly looking at the paper, but he still got nothing. He has other commitments to fulfil too, the ones towards his guitar lesson that he can spend hours on and not get bored, towards his Netflix series, and towards some lockdown mandatory phone calls.

He gave report writing more share of time than required and already feels exhausted with the whole exercise. Now he is trying to procrastinate and fill in the space of time with all other activities that he can but writing.

Have you ever experienced that the more you plan and manage your time, the more you end up wasting it on redundant activities?

We have got it all wrong when it comes to time management. The general practice involves time-listing every minute of the day. It’s a good practice but it’s only the operational part of building a work-regime. That is to say, it’s far from being enough.

You can assign time to every task but how and how much of the task you are doing in the assigned time depends on your focus. Quantity is the least effective identifier of quality.

Building focus takes time and energy. Here are a few tips that may help you better at managing focus-

  1. Establish your short-term goal(s). Define activities to reach the goal
  2. Prioritize goals and choose the most practical activities, preferably start with one
  3. Follow it for 21 days. No matter what hour of the day you complete it, but make sure you dedicate yourselves to it for 21 days. It will not only give you clarity on how effective the activity is, it will also help you explore your passion
    • Successful? Great. Keep continuing it. Add one more to the list
    • Unsuccessful? List down the reasons you think stymied your efforts. Revisit your goal

Passion and Focus – one will help another.

Discover your passion. Build your Focus.

There is no absolute cure to a blurry focus. Build your Focus before anything else. Time will take its course.


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