Religion ‘and’ God or Religion ‘or’ God

Life is beautiful.

God is powerful.

Religion is wonderful.

Then why is it that religion always comes in the way of humanity and makes lives miserable. Do you think Jesus, Allah and Ram, WaheGuru- they would treat people differently if they belonged to different religions; they would protect people basis their religion and harass the rest. It wonders me how we establish the premise by our actions that ‘God is selfish’.

It’s only humans who divide themselves on the basis of religion. I wonder what will be a world without its existence. Where no one would kill anyone in the name of religion, where no one would be harrowed just because he/she follows different religious practices, what kind of world would that be!

Religion for me was a concept designed to provide a medium to connect with God – the way I would pray to her or talk to her. Religion for me would inspire and empower people, would provide means to communicate and celebrate life. Religion for me was to induce optimism and control inhuman behaviours. Religion for me was a path to love.

I say ‘was’ because I am not sure anymore. I have come to believe that religion does more damage than it helps. So many wars, so many killings, so many rapes, so many assaults, only in the name of religion.

God created man and man created religion – anything that is made by man can be tweaked for customised needs. And when people want violence (physical or emotional or both), they tweak religion, they even tweak the concept of God.

Religion today is equated to revenge, when it comes to practise. They killed my forefathers, so I will kill their children, their ancestors raped our women, so we should rape theirs. The chain of revenge is so lethal and powerful that it only further contaminates religion and humanity.

What’s horrifying is that people justify these brutalities with religion. I think, religion is like ‘Science’, its usefulness depends on the intent of its user. When religion is used to empower the merciless and induce fear amongst the weak, it’s devil and when it empowers righteous people and radical thought processes, then its God.

If you were to choose between humanity and religion, what would you choose? If you were to choose between God and religion, what would you choose?

The sad part is that there are situations where we have to make a choice between the two.

I hope and I pray to my God that there may come a day when we don’t have to make this choice, where religion, God, love and humanity- all mean same to everyone.


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