Try with all your heart or don’t try. Go big or Go home

Dashrath Manjhi, a resident of a village in Bihar, India, spent 22 years to carve out a path through the mountains, so no one else would have to struggle to reach the city, for emergency purposes. After his wife died for the lack of medical facilities in the village and unavailability of time and commute to reach city, he single-handedly carved 360-feet-long, 30-feet-high and 30-feet-wide passage through the mountain, shortening the distance of 55 kms to 15 kms,.

All it took was his determination, a hammer and a chisel.

So, when we make excuses that include- “I didn’t have much time to work on it.”, “I couldn’t exercise because there was no way I could go to gym.”, “I wanted to but this other thing just kept me busy.”, “I don’t have the resources to give it all.”, all we are doing is making a choice, choosing what we want to do over what we tell ourselves we want to do.

The trick is to fall in love.

If you don’t love the cause and the result of doing something, you will never enjoy the process and you will lose your will and determination along the way, which will most likely end up in termination of the process.

If you are an exception and you achieve great results doing something you haven’t fallen in love with yet, that achievement is meaningless.

Find something that you love, be it the process of finding your love. Give it all of you or none at all. There is no concept of average love. Average just doesn’t work. Go big or go home.

You have to go through the night to see the beautiful sunrise.

The ones who try, never fail. Those who don’t try, make excuses.

Make an effort, not an excuse.


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