The purpose of our lives is to be happy- Dalai Lama

‘Once, just once you become a successful business tycoon, your life will be set’; ‘if you study hard enough and get into a reputed college, you will not have to worry for the future’; ‘once you are settled with an able spouse and children, as per the social norms, you will have achieved everything’. These are just a few examples of how from generation to generation we are passed on with specific ‘lines’ that we are meant to follow and never cross. Ironically for the sake of our ‘happiness’.

But what is happiness actually? By definition, happiness is a state of being happy, which leads us to realise that it, like any other state or feeling, is not permanent. So, what is the real objective of forming and following stern societal structures.

We have been bred in the bone to pursue the most expensive things in life, be it a ‘palace on the hilltop’ or ‘nirvana’, anything that is not easily in our reach. The thinking is so ingrained in us that it does not occur to us to ask, what is the ultimate objective of doing what we are doing; what is the purpose. We are trained to struggle, to find something outside that is already within us, and that is why most of us never truly meet the state of happiness.

Happiness is the only feeling that is truly selfless and selfish at the same time, it’s the rhythm of life if you just see it. We always have something to be happy about, but in the pursuit of external approvals, we confuse contentment with happiness.

Can we be happy and be confused at the same time? Can happiness and worry co-exist? Can we be really happy and be experiencing emotion of deprivation at the same time?

Happiness is not an absolute, standalone sentiment, it resides and pervades within us.

Happiness is a choice, a conscious and a very courageous choice, that captures the true essence of life. Happiness is the music that plays within us, if only we are able to hear it.

If you squeeze your life today, what will you be left with? If it’s not happiness, is it worth the life you invested yourself into?

Being happy liberates you, being happy lets you accept yourself, being happy lets you live and vice-versa. In the pursuit of life within the lines drawn, we lose ourselves, we lose sense of our real emotions. In the pursuit of happiness, we find life. The purpose of life is to be happy.


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