Thank God, life is complex

It takes 2-5 weeks for a caterpillar to turn into a beautiful butterfly. It takes about 150 days for an eagle to take rebirth and be able to enjoy another tenor of life. Life is complex, some lives more than others.

Remember the first piece of writing of yours that everyone loved? Remember the first joke you told that everyone was impressed with; the first video that got the most hits? I believe they were not your firsts, right? It takes time, unlimited attempts and most importantly struggle to create anything beautiful. And when that happens, it’s sublime, it’s worth have waited for.

What if the first time you wrote something got viral? What if the first time you picked up dumbbells, you got six pack abs, what if the first time you played cricket, you got selected for the National Team. Life is all about emotions and we draw the most serene and extreme emotions from exclusivity.

Sometimes we question God, “Hey, I didn’t sign up for this.” “I don’t deserve this” “It’s not fair that this is happening with me while everyone else is attending the prom party. “Why don’t you just take my life and end the suffering!” All sorts of complaints and not entirely unfair.

But life is to struggle and uncertainty as sun is to earth, as battery is to phone, as art is to artist. Alright, I am going to stop right there with the metaphors and analogies. The point is if we take the complexity out of life, we are left with a non-functional, irrelevant, redundant, out or order delivery package ready to be dissembled.

A bird sits comfortably on a tree without any fear of the branch breaking. It’s not because it trusts her luck or it trusts the tree blindly. It’s because it believes in her wings and capability to fly.

All we can do is increase our capabilities, to be able to fly or when it comes to the need to fly.

The complexities in life make or break us. It’s a gamble that we keep playing as long as we are alive. But remember, at the end of the tunnel, there is light. Some of us make it, some of us don’t. But if we don’t go through it, we lose all probability of seeing the light. So, thank God Life is complex.

Thank God I can see what I can see, I can feel what I can feel, because if not for complexities, there will be nothing to look forward to, there will be nothing to be hopeful for.


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