Showing up and showing up

Nishant was scared. He had never talked to his father like that before. But he really wanted to pursue fashion designing course. It was something he just couldn’t live without. Every-time someone wore non-matching clothes, it horrified him, no kidding! He knew it was his calling. But unfortunately, fashion was not a ‘Man’ thing for his family. So, when he finally confronted his parents, it was obviously an awful show.

He was shattered, desperate and hopeless, until Aman showed up in his life, again. It was some sort of divine connection that whenever Nishant saw all his hopes die, Aman would magically reappear. Their connection was strong ever since Aman’s family shifted in the neighbourhood. But when Aman proposed Nishant, things got worse. Nishant too had feelings for Aman, it’s just he always knew it was going to be an ugly fight against the society. And he didn’t have enough courage to go through it. Aman had left to pursue higher studies after he had his heart broken. He couldn’t bear seeing Aman day in and day out, as if it was not enough that he was always on his mind.

Aman knew no bounds when it came to love and this time was no exception. He showed up. He told Nishant that the more he would give up, the less he would live. Life ends when you end the fight within yourself. Nishant was always stronger than his self when he was with Aman.

Today Nishant is getting married to Natasha. Guess what, Aman showed up. Because he always did and he always will.


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