Is success a straight line?

I don’t know, but I hope to come to a conclusion by the end of this article.

Let me start by putting together the standalone meanings of ‘Success’ and ‘Line’. A line is a one-dimensional figure that extends infinitely in both directions.

As for success, Oxford dictionary definition of it goes like this: The attainment of fame, wealth, or social status. Another definition is – the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

Though both the definitions of success are from sources I have utmost regard for, my definition of success is entirely different. When we say attainment of fame or wealth or achieving a purpose, we capture success in that one moment. That moment is sublime but fleeting. Those moments can be perceived to be single dots, which if you join along a lifetime, you can draw one or multiple lines out of.

But again, here are my questions –

A young man inheriting massive amount of wealth from a dying guardian, is that success? The fame and paparazzi that a little kid gets by virtue of being born to a royal family, is that success?

Give a fitness coach an option to attain a lot of fame but no access to dumbbells, a chef to earn millions but no access to cutlery or kitchen, or a writer to give up ‘Pen’ for elite status in the society, and the definition of success will become clearer.

I believe success is defined by liberty to choose and availability of resources to continue doing what you love to do. No numbers, be it in terms of money, be in terms of popularity can ever truly capture it.

Success empowers an individual and ultimately the whole community, like when Mr. Edison invented bulb, the whole society succeeded, when Mr. Bell invented phone, the whole world got globalized. True success empowers everyone in the surrounding and beyond and makes lives easy.

So, by this concept, success is not a line, it’s a network; of tools and mindsets that empower one to keep pursuing further levels of success.


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