From the very beginning her fate they drew
But her dreams could fly who knew

You are someone’s responsibility, she was always told
But she got other plans, she is smart, she is funny, she got all gold

She fought every man, every woman, every thought that resisted her path
She is fierce, she is ambitious, she can take it all, all wrath

Cook, clean and care, that’s all they expected her to know since birth
But hey, don’t stop her, don’t limit her, she knows her worth

Sit quietly, walk slowly, talk nicely, eat less, maintain a narrow waist
Seriously! Don’t tell her to lower her volume, don’t tell her to change her gait

There was a moment, yes, when she felt a bit distracted
She was willing to give it up all, she felt so attracted

They thought she got weak, that love took her dreams off the shelf
But love was within her, love liberated her, love consumed her, how could love make her lose herself

It was those several moments of weakness and innumerable denials that made her realise her uniqueness, nothing otherwise
She had worn her insecurities, vulnerabilities she had plenty, she was proud of her choices, she was a life

Of course, it could have been easier, if they didn’t tag her as a loan
But she is not complaining, she is an asset and she knows it, she is on her own

Love, live, fight, smile, cry
But never give yourself up, don’t let your dreams die

You are the beginning, you have no end
Be your own superhero that no one can bend

You owe yourself what you fought for all these years, you owe it to your emotions that got you so far
You have earned your self-worth, you have a long way to go, beyond all fears, with all your beautiful scars.


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