In the unlikely event of an emergency, my mind wanders. In those heavy moments, where you can feel the rhythm of your heartbeat, I feel light. There is so much to life and yet it’s so meaningless as if we are all inanimate structures of a large establishment that no one cares about.

We plan for the likely events like a lizard on the wall, a cockroach on your shirt, a snake in the bushes, electricity down on a really hot day, internet down during the finale of your favourite series or no transport available on a rainy day. You are troubled and stressed finding a way out, all your mind and efforts you put towards finding resources for a solution as soon as possible. But what happens when you are stranded on a desert land and you don’t see anyone around. You run and run trying to find anyone, anything that you know about, but all you see is an ocean ahead of you and a forest behind. So, you close your eyes, you run to the water, you feel the waves and start swimming. When you come out, you look for food. As the night approaches the day, you find a safe place to spend the night. You fear animals and insects. Everything that you have been living with so far, every truth that you knew appears to be so irrelevant. In an unlikely event of an emergency such as this one, you focus on surviving and in the process, you feel life from a perspective you never thought possible.

The lizard doesn’t seem too bad now, does it?

Life is as much as this moment. Not a second more, not a second less. You have a better chance of living it if you got friends with the cockroach. May be both of you together can make plans to save yourselves from the lizard. Or may be all of it is just an illusion!


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