A story from a long time back
A girl, a tortoise, a train and a bag.

She lived in the train, tortoise was her family
The bag was a secret, she cared for dearly.

Many came looking for her, but she was never found
A mystery herself, living in a train, well it was never still on ground.

She saw towns and cities all across the country
She wondered what it was like to live in a home rudimentary.

She was a gift who saw through everyone the one who could see her or the blind
She was a princess on her own, bold and kind.

The tortoise always wondered what made her so strong
She had not so much, yet she lived like nothing was wrong.

Sneakily the tortoise opened the bag one day, curious to find what was so precious to hide
He was confounded to see that there was nothing inside.

The bag only showed what one cared to see
All the girl saw was “HOPE” and forever that be.

Hope made her curious and kind
Hope that there was always something better to find.

Hope that gave her will and power
That she could do better everyday, for the world she admired.


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